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The INX team is pleased to announce the release of

"INX Is Not X", Version 1.1

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INX 1.1 Torrent (direct link)

Download links:
Main Site
European Mirror

The 1.1 release is an update of INX 1.0 which includes security and bug-fix updates, a newer kernel, and improvements to menus and interfaces.

* You can now configure your keyboard and console settings
with a new entry in the "Tools" menu.

* Asciiquarium is included in the Fun and Games menu!

* New "Direct" menu for more direct access, as well as the menus from 1.0

* Improved internet audio streaming interfaces both for preset "stations" and searches on

Using the elinks browser, you can now play music in the background in GNU Screen while continuing to use the browser.

* Default resolution is now 1024x768 (up from 800x600)

* "Default colour scheme chooser" - you can now alter all menus at once to your preferred colours.

* The cdmp audio CD player is now also "themeable", and you can now play a track simply by typing a track number

* "Guru Mode" for those who don't want menus.

Previous Release Announcements:

The INX team is proud to announce the release of

"INX Is Not X", Version 1.0.

INX is a "Live CD" distribution of GNU/Linux, derived from Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS, but using "ubuntu-minimal" and "ubuntu-standard" as a base. It is console only, without any graphical "X" programs.

INX is intended as a "tutorial" and introduction to the Bash command line, but is a fully capable, portable GNU/Linux system in its own right. It has a collection of easy-to-use menus, colour themes, easy configuration tools, music (and video on the frame buffer), some games, and several surprises for those who are not aware of what can be done in a console/tty.

INX is fun, and not intimidating for console beginners.

INX 1.0 also includes new features; you can now set up wireless with the "Ceni" tool from the INX "Net & Web" menu. You can use your mouse with programs like xlinks2, elinks, mc, and the jed text editor. In addition to the powerful GNU Screen program, INX now sports the "Dvtm" Dynamic Virtual Terminal Manager, a "tiled terminal manager".

You can view a list of extra packages included in INX 1.0

See how it looks

Watch some screencasts...

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